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1. What If 5/5/2009
2. A Nice Teacher Like You 5/6/2009
3. Would You 5/6/2009
4. The First Time 5/6/2009
5. A Love That Is Beautiful 5/7/2009
6. I'Am In Love Are You 5/7/2009
7. Doubble Or Nothing 5/7/2009
8. Tragict Life 5/7/2009
9. We Been Strong 5/8/2009
10. A Bar 5/11/2009
11. My Love Is Lock In Your Heart 5/11/2009
12. I Want To Be 5/11/2009
13. What Do We Give Thank For 5/13/2009
14. Been Without Your Mother 5/13/2009
15. Daddy Girl 7/10/2009
16. Two Of A Kind 7/31/2009
17. No More Crying 7/31/2009
18. Unwritten 7/31/2009
19. Love 8/30/2009
20. The One For Me 8/30/2009
21. The Time We Spend 9/13/2009
22. My Sweety 10/1/2009
23. Walk A Mile In My Shose 5/7/2009
24. My Friend 6/7/2009
25. I Miss You 5/11/2009
26. Could You Be 5/6/2009
27. I Think About You 5/6/2009
28. Trust 5/5/2009
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will you trust me when I gone
will you trust me if I left you alone
will you trust me if I told you I love you
will you trust me if I say I never let go
will you trust me if I let it show.
will you trust me if I cast away your worrise
will you trust me or you just let go cause this is
somthing I need to know.
Will you trust me if I say i need you
will you think everthing is true.

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What If

what If their was not love
what If their wan't pain
what If their wasn't rain to wash away the sin in life.
what if their wasn't not heaven
have to walk on the street at the age of seven.
what if we did not have no troops to fight for our country
will the world be the same if people get call out their name.
what if people was ashame to move on.
what if everboy was dead and gone.

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