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Celentia's Arena

The priestess stands high above her city
Holding a child to the skies so blessedly humble
She whispers said spell in her cryptic language
The baby stops crying as if touched by some spirit
Coeing the child is, And to become a solitary pillar of strength
A tear rolls down Celentia's face
A symbol of love paying homage to life
A raven flies to her shoulder with pride
Celentia is filled with joy as she recieves this gift
From her spirit guide telling her she has done right
She gazes upon her city and the silence of her people
Cloaked in the black nothingness of ...

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Baseius' Temple

My mind delivers me from the land of the living
Ascending I am into the land of dreams
Crawling into sleep through a tunnel of thought
Resting as I get there beside the flowing streams

The chimes of unconscious thought ring through the land
Time begins to dissappear as each moment is one
Trees begin to sprout up along my path
All of this illuminated by the light of the purple sun.