Darwin Henry Beuning

Gold Star - 20,886 Points [Hank] (29 July 1947 / Melrose, Minnesota)

Darwin Henry Beuning Quotes

  • ''It boggles the mind, that now, you can get to where you are going before you left''
    5: 30am 11 February 2017. This morning I was reviewing our return flight information. We fly out of Seoul, Korea on 29 March at 06: 20pm for a 13 hour flight. We arrive in Seattle, Washington, same day, at 12: 20pm. Arriving 4 hours before we left.
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  • ''We are all prisoners in the jail cell called 'Planet Earth'. All with a life sentences. The only difference is that some prisoners have more Creature Comforts.''
    Written 5am,22 March 2017, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. Interesting topic for a Round Table discussion.
  • ''In life you need to learn how to read 'Between the Lines'. It is something that is not taught in school''
    Written: 4: 50am,24 March 2017, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. I guess then the question is, if it is not taught in school where does one learn it? It is something you will learn in your 'Day to Day' existence.
  • ''President Trump - I dub thee 'Pied Piper', because we the children follow''
    4: 35am 2 April 2017. I, a 'Child' follow. See my poems, 'Running for President - U S A' and 'Trump - Lightning Has Struck' Read the story: Pied Piper of Hamelin.
  • ''Love is too common of a theme in poetry and song, for a change, let's focus on HATE''
    Osakis, Minnesota, early morning, visiting my sister. My sister, Gail has written more 42 songs, and she was composing another. I was making suggestions on various verses. Love is always her theme. I jokingly made the above statement. But, seriously, LOVE should rule us all.
  • ''If I was asked to sum up Human Existence in two words, the two words would be 'Wishful Thinking'''
    0600am,13 July 2017. Early morning, Kaysville, Utah, USA
  • ''So far President Trump's Presidency reminds me of one of my quotations, 'Marriage - The first year is hell then it gets worse'''
    3am,15 August 2017. Room 4205, Montego Bay, Wendover, NV, USA. My wife and I are here for a two day BINGO tournament. Nice room, but, wide awake.
  • ''Being homeless is not a sin, the sin is for those who turn away''
    What is happening in Utah leaves me with a heavy heart. See my poem 'Utah's War'.
  • ''There is no such thing as a 'Safe Zone' for any of us, we all have to deal with the dangers of daily existence''
    0530am,22 September 2017. Here in Utah they want to have a 'Safe Zone' for the homeless. It will be in Salt Lake City. It is something none of us will every have. See my poem 'Utah's War'.
  • ''From the highest of the high to the lowest of the low, In life, at the end, 'We All Take A Knee'''
    0245AM,30 September 2017.. Up early, could not sleep. Thinking about all the sports figures, 'Who Take A Knee'. See my poem, 'Lady Liberty is Weeping'.

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Under A, no attorney, arbitrator or arbitration

Under C, no compromise

Under L, no lawyer or litigation

Under U, no union

It is maintained above
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A wondrous book
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There are people
who have the sixth sense
who see beyond the veil
who stand aside
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There are those
who know the truth
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