Daryl Hennix

Daryl Hennix Poems

1. Knocking On Heaven's Door 8/14/2007
2. Just Outside My Window 8/14/2007
3. The Day My Muse Walked Out 8/14/2007
4. Enlighten Minds *spoken Word* 8/14/2007
5. Our Relationship 8/17/2007
6. Killed Her With Kindness 8/23/2007
7. I'M Gonna Write 2/6/2008
8. Touch 2/10/2008
9. My Addict 2/10/2008
10. Treatment 2/10/2008
11. Since You Left 2/11/2008
12. Same Ol Joke 2/11/2008
13. Mrs. Franics 2/15/2008
14. The Gift 2/29/2008
15. Freedom 2/29/2008
16. Queens *spoken Word* 8/14/2007
17. Save Room 8/14/2007
18. Get Me Out Of This Place * Spoken Word* 8/14/2007
19. The Entryway 8/14/2007
20. Anything But Silent 8/15/2007
21. Vacation 2/7/2008
22. These Walls 8/31/2007
23. Slave Hands 2/9/2008
24. Just Breathe 2/6/2008
25. 13 Going On 30 8/14/2007
26. Spoken Word *just Breathe* 10/22/2007
27. I Write Because Paper Listens 3/8/2008
28. I Changed The World Today *spoken Word* 8/22/2007

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I Changed The World Today *spoken Word*

I met a man
Unbiased shook another's hand
told a troubled soul I understand
I walked hand and hand
to foreign land
and made demands
To disarm the taliban

on those distant sands
I brought Osama to his knees
and as they say evil comes in threes

so I thought to myself why not good
so I lead a crusade through the hood
and we strip every street corner
and tell those that have been told that they cant that they could

we knocked on wood, doors
uplifted children from the floors
and the socially molested victims to suffer no more
with ...

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Killed Her With Kindness

I killed her with kindness

it started simply with the opening of doors
ending letters with mi amor
romantic trips to the shore
but now none of that matters anymore!

Because I killed her with kindness

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