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41. Gemini 2: Ascensions 5/11/2006
42. Essential Uncertainty 5/3/2006
43. Containment 4/30/2006
44. Selfish Love 5/1/2006
45. Caressing 4/11/2006
46. Do You Listen? 5/5/2006
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48. Roma = Amor 4/25/2006
49. Dragonfly Riddle 4/23/2006
50. First Schizoid State 5/2/2006
51. Ends With A Kiss 4/28/2006
52. All 4/11/2006
53. I Do 4/11/2006
54. Assistance 4/11/2006
55. Surreal Swallows 5/6/2006
56. Basic Needs 4/11/2006
57. Collapsing Universe 4/12/2006
58. Aftertaste 5/5/2006
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You shall not taste of death
For there is no death for you:
You cannot experience
Your own death.

Are you born?
Life and death
Cannot be separated.
You have no chance whatever
Of knowing for yourself
Where one begins
And the other ends.

You can experience the death of another,
But not your own.
Where is death, there is no you.
The only death is physical death;
There is no psychological death.

Why then are you so afraid of death?
- Because there is no you.

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In the camera obscura
Of my simmering passions
The maggots of pain
Consume my equilibrium
While the acids of greed
Burn holes in my soul.

But you, magnificent loupe
Through the crimson film
Of fracturing light
Expose your generous smile
And develop my healing.

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