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41. If Ever. 5/10/2017
42. After We Fall In Love... 6/19/2017
43. A Prayer Poem 6/21/2017
44. Love? 8/29/2017
45. A Poet In The Wilderness. 11/19/2017
46. Love Slap. 8/15/2016
47. Love's Puzzle. 8/18/2016
48. Selfie. 8/21/2016
49. Stars 8/23/2016
50. Thieves In The Night. 8/27/2016
51. Faded Dreams. 10/11/2015
52. New World 10/15/2015
53. Fractured Love. 12/20/2017
54. Wood-Chute Mountain. 12/20/2017
55. Gypsy Blood 1/16/2018
56. Closure. 4/5/2018
57. Halloween Here's. 10/16/2015
58. Spring Magic. 5/9/2016
59. Nature Walk 12/18/2017
60. The Glassford Hill Hike. 9/7/2016
61. Lost Love. 12/17/2017
62. Tomorrow's World. 2/12/2016
63. A New Year? 1/3/2016
64. Searching For You. 8/21/2015
65. Secret Love. 8/18/2015
66. Boat Crazy. 8/14/2015
67. Will You? 1/7/2016
68. Crimson. 8/2/2016
69. Some Things Remain. 4/5/2016
70. The Lonesome Song Of Love... 12/18/2017
71. You Are Too Beautiful For Words... 10/9/2015

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You Are Too Beautiful For Words...

You are too beautiful for words,
which I try to capture in a song;
words just simply fail me,
I make them up as I go along.
You are the most important being in my life,
without Your truth, I cannot live;
I don't require much... to get by,
I only want to love and also, give.
Give my heart and soul to only You,
you know what to do, better that do I;
I used to work so hard to get ahead,
I used to wonder at it all and then ask why.
But You called to me and I was saved,
I gave my burdens to Your caring hands;
content to let You rule my days, ...

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Falling For You.

I am falling for you.
If you disappeared...
don't know what I'd do.So stick around, and let me fall,
I won't touch the ground,
at all.

Love again, will lift me up-
Soon, I'll be flying high
Like a kite, I'll keep

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