Dave Lewis

Biography of Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis lectures IT & Photography. He also designs web sites, takes photographs and writes stuff. He has always lived in Wales except for a short spell in Kenya in 1993-94.

He has had a varied existence to date, and worked as a builders labourer, plastic engineer, financial advisor, zoologist, photographer, doorman, actor (one Bollywood film!) , schoolteacher, software engineer, BBC website producer, librarian, cyber cafe manager and local newspaper columnist - almost enough for a book one might say!

He is organiser of the Welsh Poetry Competition.

He is currently working on his second book - a short story, prose and poetry collection.

Dave Lewis's Works:

He has just published his first book of poetry - Layer Cake - spanning the last 24 years.

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Morning Sue

Oh listen rain to the sound of her breathing,
Don't tap so loud you might wake her.
In the haze of this morning
She's a shape like heaven.

Don't shine so bright you might blind her,
Oh look at what you've done!
She stirs and turns her head,
Her hair is honey, sticky on my face.

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