David Archer

Rookie (Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England)

Biography of David Archer

My name is David Archer and I have too many words in my head that keep me awake at night.
I am 43, male, divorced, have two children and one imaginary cat called “Alan”.
I live alone in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England.
Barnsley is not on Google Maps.
I hate and love Barnsley at the same time.
I like looking at trees.
I like looking at electricity pylons.
I swear a lot.
My cactus is called Wayne.
I adore Spike Milligan, Tommy Cooper, Tony Hancock, Carry On films.
I wonder why abbreviation is such a long word.
I lost three socks last week. Three!
I am a fan of poetry especially Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes; which is good really because they were married and this means I can buy half as many books.
I write down words that come into my head.
I like long words and short difficult words.
I have more tattoos than I have arms.
I do not profess to be any good at writing poetry.
My favourite word is Dodecahedron.
My favourite mathematical equation is:
f1(x) y(x) + f2(x) y((ax - ß) /(x + b)) + f3(x) y((bx + ß) /(a - x)) = g(x) , ß = a2 + ab + b2.
I do not believe in GOD but I know he believes in me otherwise he wouldn’t keep putting words in my head.
I like The Smiths, Joy Division, The Jam, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Theolonious Monk, The Housemartins, The Beautiful South, Echo and the Bunnymen.
The internet is not big enough to list all my other interests.
I have friends who I can ring at any time of the day or night.
I have a bad back and small feet.
My favourite colour is Black, BLACK! BLACK! BLACK! like my soul! (actually it’s Yellow)

David Archer's Works:

None, for very good, obvious reasons.

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Gillian's Winter

Every time
you see a tree
remember his love for you
numbered ten times
every leaf.

"But", I hear you say;
"Trees have no leaves in Winter
and like my life it is barren and bare";

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