David Bennett

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David Bennett Poems

1. 'The Bride' 11/25/2008
2. 'If Only' 11/26/2008
3. 'The Mother' 11/26/2008
4. 'The Heart' 11/26/2008
5. 'The Nurse' 11/26/2008
6. 'About Nothing' 12/4/2008
7. 'Who Was Your Hero' 12/18/2008
8. 'Live Life As You Must Babe' 12/18/2008
9. 'Some Of Us' 12/18/2008
10. 'Oh For Those Heady Days Of Youth' 12/18/2008
11. 'Why Did You Pick Your Daddy' 12/19/2008
12. 'What Is Your Favourite Book' 12/29/2008
13. 'Days That Are Lost' 1/9/2009
14. 'Im Trying To Think Of A Poem' 1/23/2009
15. 'Were They Not Once Children Too' 1/26/2009
16. 'Bless Those Who Have Unrequited Love' 1/30/2009
17. 'I Wonder' 2/3/2009
18. 'What Do The Birds Know' 1/2/2009
19. 'For Those Who Grieve' 2/6/2009
20. 'Life's Roundabout' 12/29/2008
21. 'What Have We In Common' 12/16/2008
22. 'Have You Ever Had A Broken Heart' 12/19/2008
23. 'The Clock Is Ticking' 11/29/2008
24. 'Do You Remember' 11/18/2008
25. 'Everybodys Good At Something' 12/18/2008
26. 'I Thought I Heard A Man Cry Last Night' 1/30/2009
27. 'All That Fancy Food' 1/2/2009
28. 'Saying Goodbye' 12/30/2008
29. 'I Do Not Know Their Names' 7/20/2009
30. 'I Missed My Chance' 7/27/2009
31. 'Can I Be Your Friend' 11/29/2008
32. 'Have You Ever Wanted The Night To Last' 11/21/2008
33. 'Tamla Motown' 12/15/2008
34. 'The Hospice' 12/30/2008
35. 'Beautiful Lady In Pink' 12/9/2008
36. 'Autumn Day' 11/22/2008
37. 'Is Your Journey Really Needed! 12/20/2008
38. 'What Do You Wear For Bed At Night! 11/24/2008
39. 'The Man With The White Beard And Red Suit' 11/19/2008
40. 'The Clown' 11/17/2008

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Best Poem of David Bennett

'How Do You Cope With The Loss Of A Child'


How do you cope with the loss of a child?
One minute their here, the next their gone.
The child you brought up with so much care,
Suddenly they are no longer here.

No smile or a touch how do you cope?
I just cant imagine when you have lost hope,
Its just not right, not the order of things!
To lose your child is an awful thing.

Whether they are young, or, older it should not be.
Your child should be here sat on your knee.
Not the other way round when they have gone!
All your Aspirations down the pan.

God bless ...

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'The Angel'

Have you ever seen an Angel?
Beautiful, Clean and white,
Cherubs riding by his side.
Now if you are so lucky an Angels feather will dropp beside you,
Pick it up it will bring you luck
He will always be there beside you!
Leading you carefully along lifes way,
Along your rocky road,
Moving problems from your side,

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