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  • ''Ninety percent of what you know to be fact..someone told you.''
    I David Bisacca did service work at homes.40 years ago i made this statement to many people & still do. i would hear the same misinformed statements at many homes.i realized that this info was being passed from person to person for yrs. YES the mother rabbit & bird will still feed their young after you touch them & 1000 more.
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  • '''Mr Rodgers was wrong.Your not special - - your as special as you make it.'''
    I David Bisacca have been stating this so long i had to change 'is' to 'was'. many years.
  • '''When the absolutely best things in your life become the worst and the worst things become the best - you'll have come full circle.'''
    I david Bisacca was in a store in 2009.two young men in their 20's in front of me were discussing life. the learning experiences, trials & tribulations they had been through and wondering how long these learning experiences would take/last? i stared blankly between their faces while making this statement.
  • '''Accident is a word the human race made up so they can be just as perfect tomorrow as they were yesterday'.''
    I david bisacca being a mobile auto glass installer & heavy hit glassman (serious damaged cars at frame shops) for 30 yrs have heard every excuse in the world for their MISTAKE not their accident. mother nature makes mostly all accidents. humans make mistakes.i know, i have. i have used this statement for almost the entire 30 yrs & still do.
  • '''You cannot live life seeing daily what you miss the most'''
    30 yrs married to my best friend...she slipped away and i spent the last 15 years with someone i didn't know.......

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The Woods

Think it would be profound
The difference in the sound
First morning walk alone
Without that cowbell tone

Birds the breeze the rustling leaves
Lack of ring no difference to these
The woods they seem to sound the same

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