David Chishimba

David Chishimba Quotes

  • ''If men removed sex and liquor from their minds..the world would move faster.''
    David Chishimba
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  • ''Life is something to die for...''
    David Chishimba
  • ''Its always fascinating to listen to a dying man spilling out his guts...because they never lie..''
    David Chishimba
  • ''I have often times given in to human behavioral nonentities of falling for someone and often found them to be futile endeavours..''
    David Chishimba
  • '''Success is usually a cold path'..David Genius..''
    David Chishimba
  • ''The love of your life is not someone that you choose for people to see...Its someone who gives you peace in your heart for choosing them...''
    David Chishimba
  • ''There are two kinds of men, the ones you fall for and the ones whose money you fall for..''
    David Chishimba
  • ''The only time a woman is deemed wise is when she realises that she is supposed to submit to her man..''
    David Chishimba
  • ''Questions move the world, but answers change it..''
    David Chishimba
  • ''The amount of income you get depends on the complexity and quantity of the problems you solve for others.''
    David Chishimba

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Best Poem of David Chishimba

Human Love

I used to look at the days past,
years gone,
and look down gloomily at my feet and think 'what a host of living, where everyone dances in and out of my life'.
I had no knowledge that our lives were slanting towards each other like the two equal sides of an isosceles triangle..
As they say, some lives are linked across time connected by a calling which echoes through ages..
Then you came into my heart and built a hat..
Since then, I have never seen two people dream so intensely of each other as you and me..
You are my only human love...

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My Face

My face...
My face does not tell the tale of my past
It does not tell the hell and how long it had lasted...
It does not tell the mileage of all my past school shoes...
It does not tell the anger of the frustrations of my past life...
Believe it or not..it does not tell that it was spat on...
It does not tell that it was looked upon with contempt and despair...
It does not tell that others looked at it and said these are not the faces which make it in life..
It does not tell the frowns f

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