Rookie (9/19/1963)


521. Run Amok................ 5/8/2005
522. You Can Get Lost In Those Eyes980 6/27/2005
523. 23 Fitzroy Road, Fix His Tie 10/29/2005
524. No The Poet Screams 8/10/2006
525. A Playground Of Hierarchies 7/21/2006
526. Ancient Sunlight1 6/5/2005
527. Theres A War Going On 1/9/2005
528. The Final Salute 2/14/2006
529. 23 Fitzroy Road, Tapestry Of Dreams. 2/23/2006
530. Academic Succes 5/18/2006
531. Come Down From That Heat 12/13/2006
532. A Bipoler Moment,89 11/11/2005
533. 23 Fitzroy Road , Drop Me Deep 10/27/2005
534. From Loneliness To Rage 01 1/21/2006
535. 23 Fitzroy Road , Poison In Here Ear 11/7/2005
536. A Heavy Blow 5/26/2006
537. Crippled Love 60 9/5/2005
538. A Perfect Golf Course Lawn 3/13/2006
539. 1976 2/8/2005
540. Sitting By Your Self 5/12/2006
541. All Alone With Out Hope) 0 8/24/2005
542. 23 Fitzroy Road , In The Middle 11/20/2005
543. Funny Moments 4/21/2005
544. Music And Dance, And The Stuff In The Middle. 10/24/2005
545. A Conversation With A Friend, When Drunk 5/30/2005
546. And Yet Another Dream...... 4/3/2005
547. 1929/The Jazz Age 5/16/2005
548. A Child Is Born 5/21/2005

Comments about DAVID GERARDINO

  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 4:37:00 PM)

    David I think your poetry is facinating, unique and original. You have your own creative style. Take care.

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  • Meghan - (6/28/2006 7:24:00 PM)

    I love your poetry. The imagery is amazing and the way you write is very strange. Look forward to reading more. Good luck.


  • Diana Frances (11/11/2005 7:14:00 PM)

    I just spent an hour reading through your poems, Dave. Some made me very sad, others got a belly laugh. Whichever way, though, you have major talent with the written word. The images you conjure up are remarkable. Thank you.

  • Sapna Shamsundar (8/25/2005 10:44:00 AM)

    thank you for ur comments on my poem, i did read yours and i liked a 'child is born' its very touching in a strange sort a way

  • Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun (7/19/2005 10:18:00 PM)

    Hi David, lol, I am still getting use to this site. I am looking forward to reading more of your poetry. Take care :)

  • Joe Prieto (7/5/2005 10:28:00 PM)

    your poems are very good, keep it up

  • Michael Shepherd (4/27/2005 10:06:00 AM)

    David, you're a natural and I think you may be a genius, but I'm not sure yet...


A Child Is Born

Dream child dream, light
up the skies with your
laughter, let your tears
fill the ground with love,
show the world theres
still hope, and show them,
a child will lead..

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Spitting Springlers98

Pull up the blinds, throw open the shutters
yell at the shadows, to hide in the clutter.
look at the walls as they come into view,
see for your self, the reds and blues.
dance if you will to a four, four beat, show
all the world you can win, but first you
need some sleep.........

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