David Griffin

Biography of David Griffin

I am a qualified Graphic designer from the Limerick School of Art & Design. I am married to a wonderful artist, I have two kids and this is the first time I have submitted my poetry to be viewed by everyone & no one.
My time to write has arrived. These poems have been mine and mine only for a while now. They are yours to read now. Disect them if you wish. When they move you, tell me. When they dont, advise me on where I went wrong.

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A Mark Of Love

Her life has been normal recently
Waking, dressing, feeding, and driving to day-care.
Her husband already gone to work,
she could not remember his early morning kiss,
So deep was her dream.

She wore cream linen, her hair tied up.
It was dusk, late summer.
Montbretia’s scent attracted the evening moths.

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