David Hall

Rookie (September 20,1961 / Alabama, U.S.)

Biography of David Hall

Like many of us poets, life has not been very kind to me. I broke my back in 1999, and again I severely ruptured another disc in June 2006. I am fortunate to still be walking. I have endured 11 major surgeries thus far. At this same time my wife of nearly 9 years asked for a divorce. Between both the physical and emotional pains became more than I could cope with. Next became one of my worse battles, because I developed major depression and attempted suicide. I am thankful to still be alive. Major depression cannot be descibed unless one has been through it. I call it stepping through the gates of hell with no way out once that gate closes behing you.

This is when I turned to writing as a means to release the pains. My writings then turned toward poetry. I spent almost a month in a center for depression. My poems became an inspiration for others that shared the same pains that I did. I discovered the power of words and poetry. I write every chance I get.

I tutor students with disabilities, which brings me so much joy. If my body will allow me, I will become teacher in Mathematics in about a year. I may continue for my Master's because I need as little strain on my body as possible. The doctors warned me to take life slower. Another back injury would put me in a wheelchair and I will suffer with pains that I will not be easy to tollerate. So, I'm finding ways to make myself happy and take life one step at a time. Time goes by too fast. We need to slow down and enjoy ourselves more and the beauty that is life.

I have a wonderful daughter and step daughter that has helped me so much. In addition, my life long friends and new friends has helped through this hard year. I discovered how important friends are in our lives. We will only have a few very close friends that we will love for life.

David Hall

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And You Wonder Why?

Why me, I still sit and wonder why?
Why did you begin telling so many lies?
Did you get off watching me cry?

Why did you make me feel so much shame?
Why did you put me through agonizing pains?
Do you get off playing these mind games?

Why did you make me feel like I did not care?

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