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David Harrison Poems

1. The Right Path 6/29/2009
2. Self Portrait 6/30/2009
3. Late Skies 7/7/2009
4. Settling Sun 7/10/2009
5. 9 To 5 Disease 7/10/2009
6. Simply Waiting 7/12/2009
7. World Of Lies 7/12/2009
8. T.V Time Bomb 7/13/2009
9. Rivers Reason 7/16/2009
10. From The Moment I Wake 9/3/2009
11. I’m Searching For Words 9/12/2009
12. Understanding Reasons 9/23/2009
13. The Only Life I Know 9/25/2009
14. A Boys Promise 12/12/2009
15. Childhood Man 12/23/2009
16. For Now 12/23/2009
17. Picture Perfect 1/7/2010
18. Giving Birth To Dad 1/15/2010
19. Bedside Manner 1/24/2010
20. A Poem For The Sake Of It 1/30/2010
21. A Walking Man 3/9/2010
22. My Prayer 3/16/2010
23. I Am 11/26/2009
24. Michelle 11/26/2009
25. Searching To Be Found 11/28/2009
26. The Move 11/21/2009
27. Wake Up Young Man 12/11/2010
28. By The Eyes Of The Shore 12/10/2010
29. Attuned 10/12/2009
30. The Road To Decision 10/12/2009
31. This Poem Makes No Sense 12/9/2009
32. The World Is Afraid 11/21/2009

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Best Poem of David Harrison

The World Is Afraid

The world is afraid
And I am too.
For I do not know the future
And I do not understand truth.
But I’m searching for reasons
And I hope to seek you
As there is a gap on my wall
Room for a picture of you.
The world is afraid
And I know I am too.
For I do not know the future,
But love the thought of you.

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The Right Path

Every interaction is a stepping stone
as each one helps me to find my way,
leads me to where I can become a better man.

No longer shall I be the fool,
one who surrounds himself in ignorance,
unwilling to love life, travel and explore.
I long to leave behind that souless man,
he has held me back to many times before.

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