David Hart

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An Admirable Man

'An Admirable Man' by David Hart

Inquisitive women wonder where
his secret lies.
An intriguing man with
an evocative mind.

It's the strength of his charms
The span of his mind
A rumbling tenor of his laugh
The flash of his eyes
He's a well experienced man
An admirable man

He enters a room as casual
as he pleases
And the yearning eyes of the
women follow him
Some fall to their knees

It's the fire of his thought
The flash of his wit
The song in his heart
The ecstasy of his kiss

He's a man. An extraordinary gent, ...

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The Spry Metropolis

''The Spry Metropolis'' by Dave Hart

Tower, buzz and scurry (Vocabulary at end of poem)
Oh great resilient city
Alive. Scramble bustle earth's
On lurid quests-
A pendulum of tantric turmoil and

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