David Keig Poems

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Cafe Society

I really love my coffee
Although I like it weak
A skimmed milk cappuccino
As much as twice a week.

An Old Flame

The writing faded on the page
The paper yellowing with age
An age of innocence then died
The blurring marks where once i cried

Spring Cleaning

Clean away the cobwebs
make light of dirt and grime
wave high those feather dusters
it's now spring cleaning time

The Night They Won The Cup

Three-nil down at half time
And totally outclassed
Liverpool they came out flying
With a passion from the past

Slow Seduction Silent Night

Slow seduction silent night
Barely breathing burning bright
Closer closer touch feel hold
Power passion burnished gold

A Quiet Night With The Boys

Weekends weekends everywhere
And quite a lot to drink
The sobriety of weekdays
Is something that i think

This Newly Loving Game

I had some time this morning that clarified my mind
The thoughts that drifted past me were of a quiet and gentle kind
I'm not saying I'm in love with you, I'm just saying that I find
That thoughts keep drifting past me of a quiet and gentle kind.

Parramatta Girls

I wouldn’t say he was a bad man
But he got so violent

The Drunken Sailor

He stood there shouting at the night
At trees and all around
He stood there swaying side to side
A madness man yet proud.

Love And Marriage

Love and marriage
Love and marriage
Go together
Like ice cream and cabbage