David Knox

Rookie - 100 Points (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

David Knox Poems

121. So What Makes Desire Of All Kinds? 3/13/2010
122. Mood Swing 4/1/2010
123. Just Not There 4/5/2010
124. There's Power In Ambiguity 4/9/2010
125. The Power Of Terza Rima 4/30/2010
126. Now It's More Than Seven 5/9/2010
127. Truth/Opinion 5/19/2010
128. Open Book's Monologue Part 4 Bookkeeping 5/22/2010
129. Just Another Day 6/2/2010
130. I'M Gonna Write You A New Poem 7/11/2010
131. For Now A Mystery 7/12/2010
132. Stuck In A House (Old Poem Revisited) 7/12/2010
133. Open Book's Monologue Part 5: Welcome To The Library! 7/12/2010
134. It's A Big Freaking Deal 7/14/2010
135. She's Taunting Me 7/22/2010
136. You Can'T Run 8/3/2010
137. The Only Voices I Hear Are On The Inside 8/3/2010
138. I'M Already Lonely 8/4/2010
139. Just Can'T Help It 6/18/2010
140. How Could I Tell You? 6/18/2010
141. Thought Fraught With Danger; Life Rife With Pain 6/19/2010
142. Going On 6/27/2010
143. Tears Of Blood: The Song (I'M Not Super Depressed I Wrote This To Scare My Friend But Its Deep) 4/23/2010
144. Mundane 4/23/2010
145. Turn It On 8/7/2010
146. Even Objects Around Me 8/7/2010
147. Now It's My Turn 10/4/2010
148. Profound 10/7/2010
149. The Elevator 10/8/2010
150. The Thoughts Unsaid (A Screamo Song) 10/9/2010
151. Salt Is.... Just Salty 10/9/2010
152. Wounds, Fears, Tears, And Redemption 10/11/2010
153. The Piece Just Under The Top Right Corner 10/14/2010
154. God Has Such Amazing Faith 10/16/2010
155. It's Your Soul 11/17/2010
156. What A Scary Thing 11/19/2010
157. That Takes Guts 11/21/2010
158. Take My Life 11/21/2010
159. Holy Paradox 11/27/2010
160. The Battle To Close My Eyes 1/17/2011
Best Poem of David Knox

10 Lines

How can i profess my love for you in just ten lines
when i could write a million rhymes
how can i say all that i feel
in so little space, i must fill the world with my love
It's hard to believe, but what i am saying is truth,
but i want to write my love for you everywhere yet protect it as a precious dove

in only ten lines how can i make you see
all the love I've bottled, inside of me
waiting to spill out all over you
hoping that you love me too...

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O Star!

o star, how i love you
o star, won't you love me too
o star, you say who am i and i say am i but we both know who we are
o star, just as you know me i know you
o star, won't you shine on me once again
o star, if it weren't for you i would dead
o star, go back to your head
o star, deliver to her my secret message love
o star, fly true and fly fast as a dove

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