David Knox

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David Knox Poems

201. Meant To Fly 10/27/2014
202. Prediction Friction 10/3/2013
203. The Changing Point 11/10/2013
204. Price Tag 5/10/2015
205. All That I Thought 11/18/2013
206. Prophetic Medic 3/3/2015
207. The Echoes Of Eternity 3/18/2013
208. Expectations 11/28/2012
209. Do You Feel Feelings Too 12/3/2012
210. Closest Is Always The Most Fun 12/5/2012
211. Who I Really Am 11/15/2011
212. Hold My Hand 2/27/2011
213. All The Wrongs 2/26/2011
214. My Idea Of A Good Day 1/20/2011
215. Above The Law 10/18/2010
216. Refine 4/26/2010
217. Worlds Apart 2/12/2010
218. Would You? 8/7/2010
219. For Being There 6/27/2010
220. It's A Promise 6/2/2010
221. Adversity 4/10/2010
222. And You Made It A Song 3/17/2010
223. Can'T Wait 4/22/2008
224. Dedicated To.. 2/18/2008
225. Watch Him Twitch 7/5/2007
226. Anything To Rhyme Is This Me Can Anyone See Can I? 10/9/2007
227. A Look At A Pit 7/25/2007
228. All That I Did 2/4/2010
229. Acceptance: The Last Stage 2/27/2010
230. Do I Love You Enough 3/6/2010
231. Enduring Love 4/22/2008
232. Back To The Old Ways 3/10/2010
233. Excited 2/26/2011
234. Crushes Are Cheap 12/3/2012
235. Believe The Hype 11/28/2012
236. Every Single You Is Still You 11/10/2013
237. In A Sense I Was Made For This 11/9/2010
238. Context Is King 7/13/2013
239. Unnoticed 5/20/2010
240. Adulthood: A Decade And A Half Plus One 2/15/2010
Best Poem of David Knox

I Love Ramen

because i havent made myself lunch not yet
but no reason to fret
i know what i will make
it will be great
o how i love this food
sometimes i eat and say o dude
its even better then cake
this food is no fake
it is the food that i like to eat
but it needs to cooked under much heat
this food is something you might not expect i dont know
but i think it is time to show
the great food i love RAMEN!

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Today I Tell Her

I stand on the side lines as another yesterday goes by
thinking that i will tell her profess my love today and fly in the sky
I shout to the heavens in my solitude who i love
yet i keep this dove
dove of love in this cage and i won't let it fly
i can't let these feelings out lest she not feel the same and i die
does that i mean i don't love her enough to take the risk
someone tell me please not with a song nor a disk
tell me through a comment

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