david lessard

Rookie - 2 Points (september fourteenth, nineteen forty-one / gardner, massachusetts)

david lessard Poems

281. Retired 9/21/2009
282. Who's To Say, What's Right, What's Wrong? 6/26/2009
283. A Different Breed Of Men 5/4/2010
284. A Needle In A Haystack... 3/19/2010
285. He Is Gone (The People All Do Say) 6/12/2009
286. Horror Books 7/11/2009
287. Hearing Loss 7/11/2009
288. Health Issues 8/7/2009
289. Just This Day... 10/23/2012
290. The Self-Made Man 7/13/2009
291. Happiness Is Not A Thing Called Joe 4/26/2010
292. Time Is No Friend Of Mine... 10/1/2010
293. You Will Be Missed 3/1/2012
294. I Give It Up To You... 5/24/2009
295. Olympic Dreams 6/12/2009
296. Love Is A Fragile Thing... 3/19/2010
297. Where Were You, When I Needed You? 3/1/2010
298. I Am Not Dead 12/14/2011
299. You Weren'T What I Expected... 1/8/2010
300. Settled In 3/1/2012
301. A Woman Died Today (In The Springtime Of The Year) 4/2/2010
302. Depression 3/3/2010
303. Tell Me I Do Not Have Tomorrow 2/27/2010
304. A Thousand Eyes 9/28/2009
305. Walk With Me Lord 8/16/2009
306. 'Hey...' 8/10/2009
307. To The Victor, Goes The Spoils. 8/18/2009
308. So Long Poets- 8/22/2009
309. Restless... 1/6/2010
310. In Dreams 6/12/2009
311. A Hundred Poems 6/11/2009
312. There Are Tears 6/9/2009
313. No Roses Blooming... 6/9/2009
314. My Heart Has No Compass 6/17/2009
315. Always Remember (For That First Love) 6/15/2009
316. The Six Minute Poem 6/12/2009
317. Kendrick Peak 7/20/2009
318. A Capital Idea 6/21/2009
319. Dreams And Visions 6/26/2009
320. Are You Really Coming Home? 6/26/2009
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I'Ll Think Of You

As I go to sleep, I'll think of you -
The things we've done, the things we'll do -
And my dreams of you will last and love will stay-
though the slumber hours, until the light of day.
And daytime thoughts will keep you near,
and a worried mind, I need not fear -
For your image walks beside me,
in all my plans and schemes -
I wouldn't want it any other way,
I think we'll make a darned good team!
And I'll send you all my love-
Though we're a thousand miles apart,
and you can store it with the rest,
deep within your loving heart.
I'll think of ...

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I Give It Up To You...

I thought I could make it on my own,
Now I realize, it isn't true;
Now I give it up to you,
What troubled me, you always knew.

Take my fractured life, and make it right,
My burdens are too much to carry;
You make my load so light,
I've wounds to heal and hurt to bury.

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