David Lewis Paget

Gold Star - 9,373 Points (22.11.1944 / Nottingham, England/live in Australia)

David Lewis Paget Poems

441. Morning Glory 7/3/2013
442. The Very Last Page 7/4/2013
443. Nemesis 7/7/2013
444. The Key 7/8/2013
445. The Man With Another Face 7/12/2013
446. The Ring & The Bottle 7/15/2013
447. The Crypt 7/17/2013
448. The Thing In The Tent 7/19/2013
449. The Waker Of Dreams 7/21/2013
450. Found Out 7/24/2013
451. The Laundromat 7/26/2013
452. Zorga's Gate 7/27/2013
453. Emily's Twenty-First 7/29/2013
454. The Scarecrow 7/30/2013
455. Dr. Horcas Quintessential Gypsy Merry-Go-Round 6/10/2013
456. The Coming Of The Magi 6/8/2013
457. The Witch & The Windmill 7/31/2013
458. The Serpent In The Pool 8/4/2013
459. The Diary 8/8/2013
460. Leap Of Faith 8/14/2013
461. The Winding Stair 8/16/2013
462. Jutland 8/17/2013
463. The Storyline 8/20/2013
464. The Wizard Of Barkly Chase 8/21/2013
465. Reprise Of The Fire Dweller 8/17/2013
466. Sunday Best 8/27/2013
467. Angels 8/6/2013
468. The Tree By Calder's Gap 9/1/2013
469. The Blacksmith's Hammer 9/2/2013
470. Living For Now! 8/31/2013
471. The Widow In Black 5/19/2013
472. The Bride Of Never Again 5/19/2013
473. Crossed Wires 5/17/2013
474. When Peggity Pulled The Cord 5/16/2013
475. Headed For Paradise 6/21/2013
476. The Boy With A Mind Of His Own 9/15/2013
477. Out Of Time! 9/15/2013
478. For The Love Of Mildred Pierce 9/19/2013
479. The Press & Rickety Dan 9/21/2013
480. Sir John Fitzalan's Ball 9/23/2013

Comments about David Lewis Paget

  • Subhas Chandra Chakra Subhas Chandra Chakra (11/16/2017 12:18:00 AM)

    You are a great poet Sir, whom I come to know lately.
    I would love to read all your poems and the creations in its entirety.

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  • Ramesh T A Ramesh T A (5/23/2016 2:33:00 AM)

    Your poems are classic to read! You are one of kind poet in the world today! Writing your genre of poems only a few skillful persons can do! You are simply a Classic Poet here!

  • Barbara Reiff Barbara Reiff (3/26/2015 3:47:00 PM)

    Edited......He has the uncanny ability to take us to places never before imagined....and we Savor the experience. Treat yourself to a Library of his works....Genius

  • Keith Osborne (4/26/2013 5:57:00 PM)

    Great story teller covers many topics and uses different poetry forms. I am now on a mission to read all of his work.

  • Amer Jaganjac Amer Jaganjac (2/22/2013 5:29:00 PM)

    Great poetry! Cheers man!

  • Rebekah Gamble (6/30/2008 11:46:00 PM)

    This man has a truly unique voice in poetry. His work is riddled with personality and the jargon of life.

Best Poem of David Lewis Paget

For A Social Worker

What spark in you
Is this that burns
To comfort one
Whose well is pain,
That turns the nightmare
End of dreams
To thoughts of worth
From where they came?

And what the essence
Of your creed
That parts the cloud
In every stare,
You spend your lightning,
Spill each need
Then dredge and heal
Each long despair.

While at the mortgaged
End of dearth
They steal your essence,
Bleed your will,
To leave you sworn
To tears or mirth
While those who care...
Care for you still.

12 April 1984

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Sink Or Swim

The sea of storms came in
To batter our barley coast,
I was determined to sink or swim,
You to be drowned, and lost.
The lightning struck at our moorings,
The thunder silenced our needs,
The wind howled out our candles
And darkness caught at our creed.

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