David McLansky

Veteran Poet - 1,578 Points [David McLansky] (5/24/1944 / New York City)

David McLansky Poems

561. Poem To Valerie 8/18/2013
562. Moving Toward The Light 8/13/2013
563. To My Ex-Wife 7/26/2013
564. Riff Onat The Request Of My Students While Teaching Wordsworth's..Daffodils 7/23/2013
565. Whenever Fierce Insanity, 7/21/2013
566. Found Xmas Wishes To Elaine 7/12/2013
567. Furies Of Hate 6/24/2013
568. When The Spell Of Love Has Burst 6/30/2013
569. Alas 6/23/2013
570. Searching For Laurel 6/21/2013
571. Planting Bulbs 6/2/2013
572. June 4th Tiananmen 6/4/2013
573. Devouring Time 5/25/2013
574. Oh Stupid Boy 5/26/2013
575. Riff On Reyvrex Questor Reyes Love Sonnet 95 5/29/2013
576. Carte Blanche 5/21/2013
577. Whenever Regal Guinevere 5/18/2013
578. Love On The Internet 5/14/2013
579. Riff On David Lewis Paget's Fine 'The Mudlarks' 4/28/2013
580. Riff On Wish We Stayed Together 5/1/2013
581. Riff On Gajanan Mishra Poem, 'Wife Is Trouble; Shoot Her.' 3/23/2013
582. The White Ship (14) 3/16/2013
583. A Riff On Gajanan Mishra's In Prison 3/14/2013
584. A Riff On Yor's Erato 2/24/2013
585. A Riff On Heather P. Wilson's So Little 2/21/2013
586. A Riff On A Room With A View 2/9/2013
587. Nguyen Chi Thien 1/30/2013
588. An Irish Halloween 1/26/2013
589. Land Of Shinar 1/25/2013
590. Paris Cafe: For Lillian 1/23/2013
591. To An American Lady In Ireland 1/20/2013
592. Raptor Xmas 1/18/2013
593. On Owain Glyn's Temperance Club 1/17/2013
594. A Cry For Motherland: A Suggestion To Bolami Lawal 1/17/2013
595. Riff On Ima Ryma's One Last Gift 1/8/2013
596. But What If No One Asks (A Riff) 1/5/2013
597. As I Stumble Into Darkness 1/4/2013
598. Just Wait Until I Sober Up (A Riff) 12/30/2012
599. Speak Not Of Love (A Riff) 12/10/2012
600. The Pilgrim Road 5 12/9/2012
Best Poem of David McLansky

After My Death

No stillness filled the air,
The Nation didn't pause
Speechless with despair;
No limousine procession
Slowly snaked the road,
Winding to the crowded hill
And my last abode;
No local politicians
Recalled the City's loss
No Abbot of the Diocese
Softly kissed his Cross;
No Mayor of the Village
Called me Mankind's Friend,
No speeches intoned over me
Recalling Life at end;
At my empty grave site
Two weeping children stood,
Summarizing all I'd done
And all I ever would.

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My Real Name

Although I fear it will be my ruin
My birth certificate reads David Lewin;
Now I shall be exposed to trauma
much like what's his name Barack Obama,
Ridicule and slander will come in the mail,
Rage will come with threats of jail

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