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Name: David
Age: 21
Grade: graduate school
Location: CandyLand/NewYork

What made this person want to write poetry: It's a great way to express the way you feel and a way to say whats on your mind

Other information: A gifted student, has a fair amount of friends, very lovable, a non-judger, kinda suicidal which really doesnt need to be known, emo in other words emotional, and is gay

Hi im david and as you can see theres some information up there on me. It's 100% true and as you can see i didnt say what i didnt dislike cause it would be a lot of things there if i did. Also if you want to know more just e-mail me at kye12332@gmail.com thank you

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My Special Friend

My special friend is most sternly real
My special friend come with benefits
My special friend I love them more then they will every know
My special friend sees me for me
My special friend wouldn't me and I wouldn't change them
My special friend doesn't judge me
My special friend cares for me
My special friend has a name but you'll learn it later
My special friend is unlike any other

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