David Nelson Bradsher Poems

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Yesterday Is Forever

You might disown my bitter tone
and lump me in with crazy men,
but when I think and speak in ink
you'll have to kill my tilted pen

Primary Care

She rises painfully—without complaint—
haloed by silver-white in feathered hair,
and she assists her husband from his chair,
dragging her shadow like a burdened saint.

The Halves And Half-Nots

The suits are girded, rallying the troops
with power-point displays at Monday’s meeting,
explaining how a five-year fiscal “oops”
resulted in last week’s employee bleeding.

A Year Of Sundays

A Year of Sundays

As if a breathing god,
the night exhales a glaze

Out Of Focus

A smudge of a man,
he trudged the blur between
a can-do attitude,
a cruel demeanor,

Damn Birds

The statues stand like rusty gods
in silent judgment, sternly cold
in squares, in parks and college quads,
debased with bird shit, dirt and mold.

Vengeance Through A Parlor Window

The dust of day's detritus grays the room
as if the ashes of Pompeii
have blurred the atmosphere and smudged the gloom,
grinding the light away.

Mourning Dream

With spite,5: 30 in the morning came,
alarmed, and jarring to his drowsy senses,
bringing to bear the morning-force of blame
that punched and powered through internal fences

First Date

They walked the dark to dawn,
beneath a moon the hue of butter-crème,
traversing lawn to selfsame lawn,
their breaths cocooned in steam

Mutual Insomnia

Agreed, tonight was not my best
performance, but forgive the gaffe
and stifle your insulting laugh.
It surely does affect my rest,