David Olusanya

Veteran Poet - 1,646 Points [Crabpen Churchson] (July 06,1992 / Ilorin, kwara state, Nigeria)

David Olusanya Poems

1. Don'T Judge Me By My Breed 7/26/2015
2. Set Me Free And Let Me Live 7/31/2015
3. Come And Eat. My Bread Is Ready 9/15/2015
4. Moti Pade Ayanfemi 9/15/2015
5. Don't Read This Poem; It Is A Lie 10/21/2015
6. Great Men Are Not Made By Their Breeds 10/22/2015
7. Death Did Not Kill Those People 10/22/2015
8. Life Is The Beauty Of Man's Craftiness 4/1/2016
9. She Seems Uglier Than A Troll 4/1/2016
10. When You See My Wife, Rebecca 4/1/2016
11. In My Country 4/2/2016
12. The Way I Would Love To Go 4/3/2016
13. A Weeping Shadow- National Matter 4/3/2016
14. Who Shall Tend To The Bruises On Our Backs? 4/3/2016
15. When Mourning Voices Wander 4/4/2016
16. Letter To The Real Mothers 4/4/2016
17. Our Black Mother Mourn 4/4/2016
18. Her Beauty Is To Black And Bold 4/4/2016
19. I Live …………………… 4/4/2016
20. Open Letter To Buhari 4/6/2016
21. In The News Tonight 4/6/2016
22. Back To The Root 4/6/2016
23. Now I Know My A, B, C 4/6/2016
24. Lamentation Of The Black Girl Child 4/6/2016
25. When Death Dines On My Dress 4/7/2016
26. What Shall Be Inscribed On Your Stone? 4/7/2016
27. Do Not Make Your Body Your Best 4/7/2016
28. Strolling Round The Edges Of Life 4/7/2016
29. Marry The Virtues That Breath In Them 4/7/2016
30. Bleating Beauties 4/7/2016
31. What Then Now, If I Die? 4/8/2016
32. Keep Up A Smile 4/8/2016
33. A Dreaming Dream 4/8/2016
34. These Words That I Write 4/8/2016
35. Though Your Beauty Springs Like Roses 4/8/2016
36. Where Is My Love, My Princess, My Pride? 4/8/2016
37. I Will Never Leave You Alone 4/8/2016
38. She Is All A Creature Divine 4/8/2016
39. A Repented Refugee 4/8/2016
40. It Has Been A While 4/8/2016
Best Poem of David Olusanya

Mine Poetic Perspective Of Poetry

When the moon walks on your heart,
And the world is all an art;
It is a priceless portion poetry-
A poet's song of liberty.

Liberty of words;
A saving grace from swords.
Liberty to write
The world in a whole new light.

Poetry is a kingdom
Of expression coined in wisdom.
It is a pride of life,
Even for those without a wife.

Have you seen a tortoise on a tree?
Poetry is an imagination that is free.
It is a fact without a fault,
A world wide wheel without a halt.

Poetry is a gorgeous garment,
That dresses a mournful ...

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In My Country

In my country
it is a pity
that corruption is hawked like water,
and so contagious like catarrh.

It seems so rampant like bird flu,
that even a fetus has a clue.
It has become the currency in the market place,
and stands to stare you in the face.

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