David Olusanya

Veteran Poet - 1,687 Points [Crabpen Churchson] (July 06,1992 / Ilorin, kwara state, Nigeria)

David Olusanya Poems

41. Will You Leave Me In The Cold? 4/8/2016
42. For Me Girl Dat Begirl Me 4/8/2016
43. Sing Him Strings Of Sublime Hail 4/8/2016
44. Little Children 4/8/2016
45. From Heaven's Street 4/8/2016
46. To The Tyrant Called Time 4/8/2016
47. Life, You Old Haughty Horse 4/8/2016
48. Hear These Things Life Made Me Learn 4/8/2016
49. A Life In Time, A Time In Life 4/8/2016
50. Don't Cry Like Children 4/8/2016
51. Aphasia For Africa 4/9/2016
52. At The End It Shall Speak 4/9/2016
53. One Day, Justice Shall Be Free 4/9/2016
54. To My Ex-Lady That Married My Enemy's Friend 4/9/2016
55. Woman, Why Weep? 4/9/2016
56. My Poetic Mission 4/9/2016
57. In The Beginning 4/10/2016
58. You Are Only A Piece Of Hu-Man 5/26/2016
59. A Letter To My Sexy Silohuette Wife 5/30/2016
60. Tell This To That Dazzling Angel 7/20/2016
61. Birthday Cake To My Father 7/23/2016
62. Love ‘epistol' 7/28/2016
63. I've Committed A Strange Sin 8/2/2016
64. The Greatest Title Is Your Name 8/9/2016
65. To My Future Ex-Wife 9/1/2016
66. Today I Pledge To Nigeria My Country 10/1/2016
67. To My Dear Lady Sansa 10/6/2016
68. A Poet Can Never Die 11/9/2016
69. I Am Guilty Of Treason 11/21/2016
70. Things Fall Apart 11/30/2016
71. When My Race On Earth Is Run 12/15/2016
72. Never Heard A Song So Sweet 12/24/2016
73. A Love Pledge 12/27/2016
74. I'm In Love With A Nun 12/28/2016
75. My Room, My Theatre (Pg 18) 12/29/2016
76. Contestimony 2/12/2017
77. Why Few Men Are Found Up High 2/15/2017
78. In Remembrance Of Rebecca 2/25/2017
79. Poetic Principality 3/1/2017
80. Let Words Pour Like Rain 3/3/2017

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Best Poem of David Olusanya

Mine Poetic Perspective Of Poetry

When the moon walks on your heart,
And the world is all an art;
It is a priceless portion poetry-
A poet's song of liberty.

Liberty of words;
A saving grace from swords.
Liberty to write
The world in a whole new light.

Poetry is a kingdom
Of expression coined in wisdom.
It is a pride of life,
Even for those without a wife.

Have you seen a tortoise on a tree?
Poetry is an imagination that is free.
It is a fact without a fault,
A world wide wheel without a halt.

Poetry is a gorgeous garment,
That dresses a mournful ...

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Our Black Mother Mourn

"They are all deaf and dumb,
with hateful hearts; so cold and numb".
Her somber song stills the street.

‘What ail your tears?
What are your fears?
I beseeched her with much feat.

"Under the sod,

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