David. R Rodriguez

Rookie (July 12,1993)

Biography of David. R Rodriguez

Well, i Started writting poems when i was about 10 years old. the first on i ever wrote was about a girl who i really liked..but she didnt like me back.
most of my poems now are mostly about..well if i have to put them all in one category..then it would be about heart break.
Alot of people say i write really good poems for my age, and they also tell me that my appearence and personality is a paradox. But im a really romantic boy, and i know that many adults will say that i dont know what im talking about, but i fell in love. i could tell you how it feels like, but i dont want to bore you. But i hope you enjoy my poems, and maybe you could come to the conclusion...that your never to young or old to fall in love

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Only A Dream

Can you feel the light breeze of this silent afternoon, ever so peaceful. Can you taste the sweetness of love when we kiss? Let us stay still, as we lay in the feilds and watch the sun go down, into its peaceful slumber. Let me hold you in my arms and whisper in your ear the true meaning of love. For i have feel in love with you, and you have fallen in love with me.....
If only this was real.

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