David. R Rodriguez

Rookie (July 12,1993)

Biography of David. R Rodriguez

Well, i Started writting poems when i was about 10 years old. the first on i ever wrote was about a girl who i really liked..but she didnt like me back.
most of my poems now are mostly about..well if i have to put them all in one category..then it would be about heart break.
Alot of people say i write really good poems for my age, and they also tell me that my appearence and personality is a paradox. But im a really romantic boy, and i know that many adults will say that i dont know what im talking about, but i fell in love. i could tell you how it feels like, but i dont want to bore you. But i hope you enjoy my poems, and maybe you could come to the conclusion...that your never to young or old to fall in love

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Come Back Home

Cold winter night, i'm all alone.
having thoughts of you doesnt help.
remembering what we have, i wish for more.
but realizing, i will never have you again...i cry myself to sleep.
can you hear my cries? can you hear my pleade? dont you see that i need you here with me?
come back home. In my arms. I just need to hear you say that you love me, please, thats all i need.
Every second, of the day. I wished that you would have stayed.
Every tear, that i cry. Is all because i can

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