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I'm 59 years of age. I've been writing since 1970. Some of my first efforts were published in The Nickel Review an alternative newspaper published in Syracuse, NY. The Nickel Review was considered one of the most literate of the 'Underground' publications of that time and it was forced out of business in the pogrom against political dissent in the draconian atmosphere of the Nixon era of the early 70's. I have been published in Potato Eyes, and Olive Trees and a few others. I enjoy reading my poetry publicly.

I worked for 13 years as a refrigeration technician and for the last 19 years for a supermarket chain. Several factory jobs as well through the years.

Divorced and engaged to be married to a wonderful woman in Oregon who I have chronicled in poetry.

The poet that has influenced me the most is Allen Ginsberg, both in his writing and in his life's accomplishments. Poet Howard Nelson has also been a great influence on me and has given me invaluable advice.

My favorite poetry is from the beat generation. Ginsberg of course, Gary Synder, Denise Levertov, Richard Brautigan, Lenore Kandel are some.

I like David Budbill too as I am a big fan of Lao Tzu and 'The Way'. Antler is also a favorite of mine.

As far as mucic goes I love the Grateful Dead and bands from the 60's and 70's. As for Jazz I favor Miles Davis, Charley Parker Dizzy Gillespie, and Cannonball Adderley. (anything to do do with Bop) I like all kind of blues as well, from Robert Johnson to Eric Clapton.

I try to see the spiritual aspects in all the perspectives that life brings to me; whether it is sexuality, nature or the mundane experience of time itself.

David Roche's Works:

I have one book of self published poems titled 'Two Chairs and other poems'

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Another Man's Wife

Our stolen fire
has warmed us for a year
and a day.

Take my hand,
hold me close;
we've still a ways to go.


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