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AS a kid I enjoyed singing and making up different words to popular songs. I also developed a keen interest in history of all kinds especially the obscure events like the pig war, whose only casualty was a pig. It led to the US Canada border we have today, first invasion of Korea in 1871 by the US, and the war of intervention in which the US and other allied nations sent a force inside Russia during the Russian civil war. I served in the United States Navy from 1977 to 1981 being deployed to the Middle east and Indian Ocean most of the time. While there we watched the Ethiopian Somalian war and evacuated non essential foreign personnel from Iran during the Islamic revolution. After my discharge I was News Director for small radio station in Northwest Florida for several years and decided it was not for me but still enjoyed my history and writing. I have recently been active doing short videos for youtube as a hobby and have my own channel. On it is a variety of videos from me singing to reciting poetry and documentary shorts, some not so serious, dealing in history. Things like Joshua A Norton the Emperor of the United States and Pierre Landais the original Commander Queeg of Caine Mutiny fame. As you will see from videos or hear I have been working on my sound quality which has come a long way from my first video.

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As The Full Moon Glows

The Moon beams full and bright
On this a warm summers night
As I gaze into your eyes

I see the blueness of the ocean
Filling me with emotion
Under starry skies

I feel your heartbeat next to mine
Beating in Perfect time
As I hold you close

To steal a kiss
A moment of bliss
As the full moon glows

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