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121. Song: Tin Pan 8/29/2005
122. Song: When I Knew It Was Over 8/29/2005
123. String Theory 9/26/2006
124. The Ballad Of Mathew Mcfattie 1/9/2006
125. The Company Of Shill 10/16/2005
126. The Death Masque 10/7/2005
127. The Electron's Song 12/16/2005
128. The End(S) Of Satire 10/10/2005
129. The Full Monty 8/28/2005
130. The Hanged Man 7/27/2009
131. The History Of Now 10/9/2005
132. The Holocaust Song (August 6th, '45.) 10/24/2005
133. The Hunchback's Song 9/24/2005
134. The Neutron's Song 12/16/2005
135. The Producer's Spiel 9/3/2005
136. The Prophet 9/3/2005
137. The Proton's Song 12/16/2005
138. The Trials Of William Bligh 10/8/2005
139. The Warring Muse 8/28/2005
140. This Island, Australia 10/13/2005
141. Tortured Words 5/13/2006
142. Twilights 9/17/2005
143. 'Twinkle, Twinkle... 9/2/2005
144. Violent Night (1) 12/9/2005
145. Violent Night (2) 12/11/2005
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Simpson And His Donkey

On the beaches of Gallipoli,
in the Straits of the Dardenelles.
The cliffs hung like tattered scenery,
on a circus carousel.
The men rode their rocking ferries,
to a dark and hostile shore;
from the heights the fire was raking,
'cause that's the luck of war.

A man walked with his donkey,
across those alleys of fear.
A man walked with his donkey,
with his burden so dear.
A man walked with his donkey,
through the deadly leaden hail;
a man walking with his donkey,
surely would not fail.

A man walked with his donkey,
but it ...

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Song: High Fidelity

When there's no-one left to care. I'll be there.
Or they say you've got no prayer. I'll be there.

When a moment freely shared, is as precious and as rare,
as the diamonds in your eyes, and the highlights in your hair.
And time itself's impaired, with seconds running scared,
with minutes gone into hiding like hibernating bears.
And none of us are spared, to lull the crawling dread;
with emotions not easily aired, but locked inside the head.

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