David Taylor

Rookie (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

David Taylor Poems

241. Heaven, Hell And Earth 6/15/2009
242. Reality Becomes A Dream That Never Was 7/28/2009
243. Not Repetition 8/11/2009
244. If I Could 8/19/2009
245. One Rose In September 9/10/2009
246. In Any Event 9/10/2009
247. Not If But When 9/19/2009
248. Morning Alarm 10/20/2009
249. Daniel Loves Mr. Maker 11/2/2009
250. Rainbows 11/4/2009
251. No Dream 12/9/2009
252. Friend Or Foe 1/11/2010
253. Let It In? 1/13/2010
254. Haiti 1/14/2010
255. Slowly Waking To The Dawn 1/15/2010
256. Beach Dreams 7/21/2010
257. Sepia And The Deep Sea 7/25/2010
258. New Born 7/27/2010
259. Expression 12/5/2006
260. Love Letter To The World 12/7/2006
261. What You Have To Say 6/20/2007
262. Keeping Up Appearances 9/11/2007
263. My Last Senyru? 10/11/2007
264. Ohh 11/6/2007
265. One Out Of Ten 11/6/2007
266. No Birds 9/25/2009
267. Memories 8/11/2009
268. Before Darkness Descends 11/10/2008
269. Who Is The Fairest One Of All? 8/6/2008
270. Acrosstick Haiku 6/23/2008
271. Memory 6/20/2008
272. Bluebirdsong 6/2/2008
273. Split Second Chameleon 4/15/2008
274. October Girl 3/14/2008
275. Resistance Is Futile? 1/26/2008
276. Shades Of Pink 2/6/2008
277. Blending In 2/2/2008
278. Blossoming Hearts 1/21/2008
279. Transcendence 12/4/2007
280. The Pledge On The Edge 1/20/2008

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  • Alan Bell (2/14/2018 5:42:00 PM)

    Hi David, I would like to use your poem A Poet's Tree in a 20 page photo book but I'm unsure of copyright issues and don't want to violate any copyright laws. My email is belalan@yahoo.com. Is there any chance of discussing? Thanks Alan

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  • Kevin Robins (5/7/2013 12:53:00 PM)

    Hi David, Many thanks for sharing your excellent material. I was considering using one of your poems at a school function – but I’m unsure of copyright issues and don’t want to infringe any of your rights – my email is ks.robins: virgin.net Is there any chance of discussing this? Regards, Kevin

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  • Egi David Perdana (3/22/2008 9:20:00 PM)

    you're amazing writter,

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  • Mike Benfield (4/25/2007 3:10:00 AM)

    David, you have shared so many of your words. Each and every one I have read so far seems admirable and true, thankyou. You're an amazing writer, your poems are inspiring.

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  • John Stroud (2/6/2007 1:14:00 PM)

    This shows me what a poem can be. TY David

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Best Poem of David Taylor

A Confusion Of Mixed Feelings

In the outward movement of our senses
we revel in a range of tastes
many very fine and some we know
to be perhaps a little base.
They all have one thing in common
these enjoyments that we partake
they all need something from outside
to fill a need we find inside.
And when fully satisfied
in a deep contentment we then reside
one that we feel was delivered
by the tasty dish that our senses savoured.
That is the error that I spy
Ohh no that’s not it say I.
This contentment, deep satisfaction
Is revealed when we no longer feel
that we lack that which...

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Dance For Joy

The clouds are a skimming
Over the tops of the trees.
The birds are all chirping
Announcing a dawn symphony.
The world is a turning
In a heaven that’s spinning.
The traffic is moving
In a flow that’s confusing.
And heads are all nodding

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