41. The Lady In The Lake 10/14/2011
42. A Two Month Out Ode 11/9/2011
43. Several Months 11/18/2011
44. I Saw The Two Of You Together 11/22/2011
45. What I Want In Love 11/25/2011
46. What Do You Do? 12/11/2011
47. I Miss You 1/11/2012
48. After So Long 2/2/2012
49. I'Ll Admit It When I'M Alone 3/23/2012
50. Love Haiku 5/15/2012
51. A Year You Did Not Know 5/29/2012
52. My Simple Life 7/24/2012
53. Do You Think Of Me Still? 7/1/2013
54. Why 7/8/2013
55. Words For Thomas 11/4/2013
56. Better Or Wonder 10/10/2011
57. Familiar Places 9/14/2011
58. To Have What I Want 9/9/2011
59. The Journey 6/7/2011
60. A Heartbeat Ago 5/14/2011
61. If I Told You 5/14/2011
62. Walking Away 5/14/2011
63. Until That Good Day 5/4/2011
64. Longing For Her 8/11/2010
65. The Letting Go 8/11/2010
66. Until The End 4/19/2011
67. I Don'T Know 9/12/2011
68. Much That I Remember About You 5/4/2011
69. My Favorite Time 4/19/2011
70. Unfamiliar Territory 9/21/2011
71. Letting Go At The Crossroads 9/5/2011
72. You May Never Know It 11/23/2011
73. Some Things I Believe 9/13/2011
74. Things I Love 6/5/2011

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Best Poem of DAVID TERRY

Things I Love

I love the sun
I love lying in the sun, relaxing on a lounge
Working hard for a cold glass of sweet tea
Playing in the water, fishing in the late afternoon
I love the sun very much
But not as much as I love you

I love a glass of wine
I love a glass of red wine beside the company of a lady
Talking over the day, bathing in the winelight
Listening to soft music by a fire together
I love a glass of wine very much
But not as much as I love you

I love the words
I love forming the words into meaningful tapestries
Searching for just the right phrase, ...

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The Letting Go

Letting go is much harder than falling in
With regret, whence we met, now black threat
Silently going, ebbing, flowing
While space will replace what filled within

Keenly die what was once alive and warm
Trying not feel what is lacked, or to look back
Unwelcome, moribund, winsome, lonesome
While to gray ashes burn down the fading embers

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