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DAVID UGBA is a Nigerian born poet, lawyer, and motivational speaker. He studied law in University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. He started his writing career as a poet before he went into other genres of writing. Some of his works have featured extensively in Nigerian newspapers and international anthologies in United States of America. Some of his poems could be found in www.poetry.com. He worked with the United Nations African Mission in Sudan (UNAMID) as a Police advisor under the Nigerian contingent from 1st January 2008 to 7th July 2009. He believes that poetry and other works of art should be created for the enrichment of human souls and minds; it must support the growth of our body and spirit. Every other work that promotes hatred, sad feelings, and negative emotions must be discouraged. He also believes that the sacrifices we make for others are our true joy of living; and that God’s greatest gift to us is our mind.

David Ugba's Works:

Awaken the Riches Within, Flower in Silence

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II saw his golden dreams crumbled
In his world like a castle in the wind
And the common cord that binds man
To his creator was broken away

I saw the bread of his love turned cold
And his joy staggering away from his world like a drunkard in the rain
Through the path of sin

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