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1. To My Daughter That's Passing 5/25/2013
2. Not A Poet 5/25/2013
3. Cain'T Cry Anymore 5/29/2013
4. Are You My True Friend? 7/23/2013
5. Walk In The Valley With Me 7/23/2013
6. Sometimes I Want To Die... 7/23/2013
7. Fair Well. 8/13/2013
8. Life Is To Short 5/29/2013
9. Stoker 7/8/2013
10. A Prayer For My Daughter: 7/13/2013
11. Dream 5/25/2013
12. To End My Life 5/25/2013
13. The Dark Cloud Over My Head: 9/23/2013
14. Rainy Day: 10/4/2013
15. What Makes Me Blue? 7/25/2014
16. To My New Wife 9/24/2014
17. 2 Beating Hearts: 7/1/2015
18. Man With No Face: 7/1/2015
19. First Time Real Love 7/1/2015
20. Depression 7/1/2015
21. Marry Me? 7/1/2015
22. I Drempt Of U 7/1/2015
23. Don't Play Games With My Heart: 11/7/2015
24. Miss My Amber: Rip 10/4/2013
25. To Hold: 10/7/2013
26. To The Ones I Have Hurt: 10/12/2013
27. Take My Hand 10/12/2013
28. Am I Truly Loved? .... 9/13/2013
29. Forget Me Not 5/29/2013
30. Board 5/29/2013
31. I Walk Down The Path Of Darkness 10/4/2013
32. When I First Met You 10/4/2013
33. Happy: 10/4/2013
34. The Fall Leaves 10/12/2013
35. Lost In Darkness 8/13/2013
36. My Life Is Done 5/25/2013
37. What I Dream About: 10/7/2013
38. Feeling Ugly 5/25/2013
39. Lonely Man: 10/7/2013
40. Memories 7/23/2013

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Why Am I So Sad,

I'm so sad because I can,
I'm so sad cause I cant hold your hand,
I'm so sad because I've lost the way,
I'm so sad so so sad today.

I'm so sad I think I'll cry,
I'm so sad I think I'll just die,
O No! ! I made you mad, yea just anther reason I'm so sad.
I'm so sad for the way I am,
I'm so sad and really don't give a dam.

I'm sadden by the truth,
I'm sad by the untamed youth,
I'm sad for me and all the things I've done,
I'm sad today, O look my gun,
as I stare down the barrel wanting to die,
I guess I'm sad and wanted to say ...

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Not A Poet

Not A Poet

I'm not a Poet this much is true
its not always about me but about you.
how you feel how you think
like when your thirsty you take a drink.
poems are from the hear not the mind
if you dont like my poems just leave and be kind.

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