David Whalen

Silver Star - 4,108 Points [David O'Haolin (My ancestral Celtic name)] (5/18/38 / Covington Kentucky)

David Whalen Poems

721. Take Out The Trash -new- 8/13/2017
722. Diet -new- 8/14/2017
723. A Harbour Senryu -new- 8/15/2017
724. Fog And Mist Eternal -new- 8/16/2017
725. The Super Power Of Bacon 3/5/2015
726. Karmic Rules 7/16/2014
727. Savor The Day (Once In A While) 9/27/2013
728. Every Time 9/22/2013
729. It's Spring! 5/7/2013
730. Months Of Change 3/20/2013
731. Winter Night's Moon Glow 3/2/2013
732. Changes 3/13/2013
733. Notepad By My Bed 10/17/2012
734. What I Once Was... 7/26/2012
735. Currents, Emotions, Oceans And Tides 4/11/2012
736. Piece Of Cake (Oooo, That Sounds Good!) 3/16/2012
737. Why Dreams? 2/28/2012
738. The Glow In The Fog And Mist 3/2/2012
739. Sexy Smile (American Haiku) 2/24/2012
740. Poignant Portrait 2/17/2012
741. How Heavy Is Hair? 11/29/2011
742. Curiouser And Curiouser Still 11/12/2011
743. Worst Haiku Ever Written (U.S.Style) 10/22/2011
744. I Miss You 10/15/2011
745. The Decline Of Man (And The Rise Of Women) 9/18/2011
746. Me... Eccentricity... And Poetry 8/14/2011
747. Just Kiddin' (Blame Henny Youngman) 5/6/2011
748. It's Good To Be A Weasel 5/20/2011
749. Banjos, Halos And Clowns (Haikus) 3/30/2011
750. The Midas Touch 3/15/2011
751. Shade 3/5/2011
752. No Respect 10/10/2010
753. Random Encounters 10/10/2010
754. A Wealth Of Sources (Inspiration Is) 10/9/2010
755. Velvet And Lace (And Little Pink Thong) 11/5/2010
756. Ambiguity And Cheshire Cats 10/19/2010
757. It's Only Two A Day 9/28/2010
758. Most Boring Man In The World 7/21/2010
759. Unused, But Perfectly Good Words 8/23/2010
760. Fairy Lanterns Of Summer 7/30/2010
Best Poem of David Whalen

Joy Of Spring

A Spring morning
A warm Breeze
doves cooing softly
Pollen dusted trees

A few brave violets
A red streaked dawn
A very early robin
Earthworms in the lawn

Spring peeper frogs
Smell of dogwood blossoms
Nature’s petroglyphs in muddy bogs
Footprints left by possums

Easter eggs and bonnets
Chocolate rabbits, Missing ears
Jelly beans and sonnets
Spilled easter baskets, children’s tears

leafy bowers
Spring showers

Spring mornings
Warm breezes
Deep breaths
Allergic sneezes

Smell of Fresh...

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Equal In The End

A coffin has six sides
A casket only four
When passing to the other side
Who's counting anymore

It's no longer a matter of how much...
No longer a matter of rich or poor
It's occupant feels not the satin touch
It's forever and finally naught but a box

...Just a box and no more...

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