David Whalen

Gold Star - 6,643 Points [David O'Haolin (My ancestral Celtic name)] (Covington Kentucky)

David Whalen Poems

81. Springy Phrases 3/20/2010
82. She Doesn'T Live Here Anymore 3/22/2010
83. Dreams...Rivers Of The Night 3/24/2010
84. Writer's Block 3/28/2010
85. Four Main Types Of Writers (Personal Opinion) 12/25/2009
86. Love Yourself...I Do! 4/6/2010
87. Today I'M Gonna Be... 4/8/2010
88. Grampa Was Strange (But I Loved Him) 4/14/2010
89. The Bear Truth, Bees, Toilet Water And Batteries 4/16/2010
90. Take A Word And Wrap A Poem Around It 4/16/2010
91. Ideas 4/20/2010
92. Voices Of The Wind 4/11/2010
93. My One Small Delight 4/29/2010
94. It's Nice To Be Concise 5/3/2010
95. Companionship 5/3/2010
96. Kaleidoscope 5/4/2010
97. Pleasant Times & Memories 5/9/2010
98. Older Than Dirt, Dumb As A Rock 5/9/2010
99. A Few Easy Pieces 5/11/2010
100. Love Can Mean Leaving 5/16/2010
101. It Wouldn'T Be Called Research 5/17/2010
102. One Word That Best Defines Life 5/18/2010
103. Life...And Stardust 5/19/2010
104. Depths...Abyss...A Wanton Kiss 5/20/2010
105. Mind Over Matter 5/21/2010
106. Upon You 5/22/2010
107. Words With The Big Guy(Or Girl?) 5/23/2010
108. Ask Your Dog 'What Time Is It'? 5/23/2010
109. Not What You'Re Thinking 5/26/2010
110. Bus Trip To No Particular Place Pt. I 5/30/2010
111. Words About Birds 6/4/2010
112. Quiet Focus Of The Mind 6/7/2010
113. Many Wondrous Things 6/8/2010
114. Ins And Outs 6/10/2010
115. Sleeping Beauty 6/11/2010
116. Of Cookies... And Smiling 6/13/2010
117. Father's Day... Their Way 6/21/2010
118. You Change...So Do Places 6/21/2010
119. Social People...Morning Coffee 6/24/2010
120. Love Of Moonlight 6/26/2010

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Best Poem of David Whalen

Joy Of Spring

A Spring morning
A warm Breeze
doves cooing softly
Pollen dusted trees

A few brave violets
A red streaked dawn
A very early robin
Earthworms in the lawn

Spring peeper frogs
Smell of dogwood blossoms
Nature’s petroglyphs in muddy bogs
Footprints left by possums

Easter eggs and bonnets
Chocolate rabbits, Missing ears
Jelly beans and sonnets
Spilled easter baskets, children’s tears

leafy bowers
Spring showers

Spring mornings
Warm breezes
Deep breaths
Allergic sneezes

Smell of Fresh...

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The Amazing Mind Of Man

There are no limits or binds
Upon Mankind's most amazing mind
But much to Mankind's sorrow…

While there is no limit
Of any kind It's true
To what a mortal man can do

He will usually choose
To do it

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