David Wilson

Rookie (July 11 1991 / Florida)

David Wilson Poems

1. I Climbed To The Top 6/16/2007
2. I Rhyme For Passion 6/16/2007
3. Insanely Derranged 6/16/2007
4. Arms Wide 6/16/2007
5. End Of Me 6/16/2007
6. Written Insanity 9/11/2007
7. Dont Bleed (Full Song) 9/23/2007
8. What The Music Gives Me 9/23/2007
9. A Feeling 9/23/2007
10. Live For Today (Verse 2) 9/23/2007
11. Dust To Dust 9/23/2007
12. Stranger 9/23/2007
13. True Emcee 9/23/2007
14. Chains 9/23/2007
15. Rain 9/23/2007
16. Truth 9/23/2007
17. The Bird 9/23/2007
18. No Right 9/23/2007
19. By Your Side 10/6/2007
20. What I Hear 6/15/2007
21. Time Is All That Matters 9/23/2007
22. Twisted 1/21/2008
23. Spring Day By G.D.C.W 6/23/2007
24. I Wish 10/14/2007
25. Not Afraid Man 6/16/2007
26. Little Drummer Girl 11/11/2007
27. How To Live 9/11/2007
28. What They Told Me 9/23/2007
29. Quicksand 9/23/2007
30. Forgive Me, Forgive And Forget 1/13/2008
Best Poem of David Wilson

Forgive Me, Forgive And Forget

Dreams and passions lead to misery and depression

Complicated missions fall to pieces

and become lost in the oblivious mind

simpletons fail to comprehend

that which they find

So now as I release that which ails me

Which sadly, is everything

Allow me, to let loose this apology

I'm sorry that you had to meet me

and establish this controversy

the world seems less vicious

without me

so let me

show myself the door

and just leave

you don't need tears because you need not grieve

Smile, ...

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Insanely Derranged

I am Insanely deranged and up tight in this situation
my arms so heavy and my min is so light in this frustration
I don’t understand this, maybe I’ve gone crazy
I don’t know this, maybe I’ve cracked
my life is all weird, its been out of wakked
someone should help me, help me break free
some one should show me, show me the way
that way I can see, see the light of day
or I’m just mentally lost, a grain of sand, maybe

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