David Zvekic

Rookie (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

David Zvekic Poems

41. Further Than My Fears [english Sonnet] 8/20/2005
42. Where Exaltation Bides 6/2/2005
43. 'Till Death Do Us Part 6/3/2005
44. The Everlasting Hour 5/30/2005
45. Font Color='#880000'Awake [english Sonnet] /Font 4/8/2006
46. Font Color='#880000'An Epitaph For My Friend [english Sonnet] /Font 4/11/2006
47. Font Color='#880000'I Hear Her As I Breathe The Evening Calm [english Sonnet] /Font 5/2/2006
48. Font Color='#880000'Bound/Font 5/2/2006
49. Font Color='#880000'The Roses/Font 6/9/2006
50. Font Color='#880000'Oh Where, The Dreams Of Man? /Font 6/21/2006
51. Font Color='#880000'The Grave/Font 6/27/2006
52. Font Color='#880000'The Fire In The Stars/Font 7/5/2006
53. Font Color='#880000'How Shall I Serve? [sonnet]/Font 7/14/2006
54. Font Color='#880000'Beyond Sight/Font 9/15/2006
55. Font Color='#880000'Home/Font 9/21/2006
56. Font Color='#880000'Faith/Font 12/3/2006
57. Font Color='#880000'Whispers Too Serene/Font 1/31/2008
58. A Lot Like Love 6/3/2005
59. Welcome - Mr.Wolf! 6/9/2005
60. Homeland Insecurity 6/9/2005
61. The Furious Heart 6/16/2005
62. Sonnet 1: Passion's 'Bode 6/18/2005
63. Progress 6/22/2005
64. Nothing But Love 7/4/2005
65. This Lie 7/7/2005
66. Nothing Left To Hide 8/13/2005
67. Lament, Lament 9/18/2005
68. Font Color='#880000'The Greatest Shame/Font 6/1/2006
69. Shadows For The Wary 3/1/2007
70. Font Color='#880000'Oh Spring - The Dawn [spenserian Sonnet] /Font 5/5/2006
71. Font Color='#880000'A Walk On A Rainy Road/Font 6/1/2006
72. Feel Better Soon 6/30/2005
73. Lovers' Song 6/11/2005
74. Freedom 11/9/2005
75. Sing Still, O Dream! 7/21/2005
76. Sonnet 3: What Desperate Fire 9/15/2005
77. Spring's Fell Bloom 6/1/2005
78. It Could Be Worse... 9/24/2005
79. If I Could Fly With You 10/8/2005
80. This Dream Of Love [3-Sonnet Cycle] 9/12/2005

Comments about David Zvekic

  • Ronberge .. (11/9/2005 3:00:00 PM)

    No doubt about it: poetry for you is a craft, and it shows...
    Just putting in writing what you already know- that I enjoy reading your work.

    Amicalement votre,

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  • Theodora Onken (9/20/2005 10:19:00 PM)

    This is absolutely breath-takingly beautiful...you do have a way with words!
    Theodora Onken

  • Sally Nesmith (6/20/2005 9:14:00 PM)

    I enjoyed the rhyme scheme of this poem. As said before....very melodic.
    Sincerely Sally Nesmith

Best Poem of David Zvekic

Ode To Words I Didn'T Write

I drifted off throughout that night,
My breath held deep in thrall to art
With words I felt but didn't write -
They fled my pen; I couldn't start.

Although I knew what words devised,
In writing what would never be,
As ink did dry, the words revised,
My words! They had forsaken me!

In muted silence did I oath,
(For grammar too eluded me) ,
And wrote some sentence without mouth,
Expressing drivel where dreams should be.

In writing down did words appear,
And basest letters did transcribe -
My soul said more than air could hear;

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It Could Be Worse...

Tho' losses long pushed man to drink,
For reading loud his slip of pink,
Despaired he not, but paused to think,
Aye you'll agree:
It could be worse...

Grief's tears poured down from baleful skies,
Whose bills slow pondered past blank eyes;
When power's cut and taps run dry.

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