David Zvekic

Rookie (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

David Zvekic Poems

41. Further Than My Fears [english Sonnet] 8/20/2005
42. Where Exaltation Bides 6/2/2005
43. 'Till Death Do Us Part 6/3/2005
44. The Everlasting Hour 5/30/2005
45. Font Color='#880000'Awake [english Sonnet] /Font 4/8/2006
46. Font Color='#880000'An Epitaph For My Friend [english Sonnet] /Font 4/11/2006
47. Font Color='#880000'I Hear Her As I Breathe The Evening Calm [english Sonnet] /Font 5/2/2006
48. Font Color='#880000'Bound/Font 5/2/2006
49. Font Color='#880000'The Roses/Font 6/9/2006
50. Font Color='#880000'Oh Where, The Dreams Of Man? /Font 6/21/2006
51. Font Color='#880000'The Grave/Font 6/27/2006
52. Font Color='#880000'The Fire In The Stars/Font 7/5/2006
53. Font Color='#880000'How Shall I Serve? [sonnet]/Font 7/14/2006
54. Font Color='#880000'Beyond Sight/Font 9/15/2006
55. Font Color='#880000'Home/Font 9/21/2006
56. Font Color='#880000'Faith/Font 12/3/2006
57. Font Color='#880000'Whispers Too Serene/Font 1/31/2008
58. A Lot Like Love 6/3/2005
59. Welcome - Mr.Wolf! 6/9/2005
60. Homeland Insecurity 6/9/2005
61. The Furious Heart 6/16/2005
62. Sonnet 1: Passion's 'Bode 6/18/2005
63. Progress 6/22/2005
64. Nothing But Love 7/4/2005
65. This Lie 7/7/2005
66. Nothing Left To Hide 8/13/2005
67. Lament, Lament 9/18/2005
68. Font Color='#880000'The Greatest Shame/Font 6/1/2006
69. Shadows For The Wary 3/1/2007
70. Font Color='#880000'Oh Spring - The Dawn [spenserian Sonnet] /Font 5/5/2006
71. Font Color='#880000'A Walk On A Rainy Road/Font 6/1/2006
72. Feel Better Soon 6/30/2005
73. Lovers' Song 6/11/2005
74. Freedom 11/9/2005
75. Sing Still, O Dream! 7/21/2005
76. Sonnet 3: What Desperate Fire 9/15/2005
77. Spring's Fell Bloom 6/1/2005
78. It Could Be Worse... 9/24/2005
79. If I Could Fly With You 10/8/2005
80. This Dream Of Love [3-Sonnet Cycle] 9/12/2005

Comments about David Zvekic

  • Ronberge .. (11/9/2005 3:00:00 PM)

    No doubt about it: poetry for you is a craft, and it shows...
    Just putting in writing what you already know- that I enjoy reading your work.

    Amicalement votre,

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  • Theodora Onken (9/20/2005 10:19:00 PM)

    This is absolutely breath-takingly beautiful...you do have a way with words!
    Theodora Onken

  • Sally Nesmith (6/20/2005 9:14:00 PM)

    I enjoyed the rhyme scheme of this poem. As said before....very melodic.
    Sincerely Sally Nesmith

Best Poem of David Zvekic

Ode To Words I Didn'T Write

I drifted off throughout that night,
My breath held deep in thrall to art
With words I felt but didn't write -
They fled my pen; I couldn't start.

Although I knew what words devised,
In writing what would never be,
As ink did dry, the words revised,
My words! They had forsaken me!

In muted silence did I oath,
(For grammar too eluded me) ,
And wrote some sentence without mouth,
Expressing drivel where dreams should be.

In writing down did words appear,
And basest letters did transcribe -
My soul said more than air could hear;

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If I Could Fly With You

If I could fly away with you I would:
  We'd breach the sky beyond where currents flow,
  Above the highest nimbus ever stood,
  I'd fly you where all tear drops turn to snow.
  Bright stars, like fairies' dust, would trace our faces,
  Through nebulae we'd sparkle in love's sight,
  A pilgrimage for two to desp'rate places,
  Like birds we'd soar as though to touch was flight.
  O'er pearly shores we'd come to rest a while;

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