Davina Vanessa Rivas

Davina Vanessa Rivas Poems

41. We Are Strong 8/4/2008
42. A Dream 5/13/2009
43. First Love 5/13/2009
44. Heartless Lust 8/1/2009
45. World Pools 8/2/2009
46. Have Faith 8/25/2009
47. Cliffs Tears 4/19/2010
48. Lost Gateway 4/19/2010
49. Answer Prayer 10/2/2008
50. Looking In Your Eyes 10/2/2008
51. Mr. Kindness 10/2/2008
52. Love Is Strange 10/2/2008
53. Crazy Little Cupid 10/2/2008
54. Hell 10/2/2008
55. I Am Happy Being Me 11/17/2007
56. Child With In Me 5/7/2007
57. Close Your Eyes 3/22/2013
58. Demon Within Me 3/22/2013
59. I Love You My Love 3/22/2013
60. False Love 10/2/2008
61. True Loves Goodbye 9/10/2008
62. Secret Love 10/2/2008
63. A Dream Come True 5/13/2009
64. One Of A Kind 11/13/2007
65. I Will Always Love You 5/9/2007
66. Prison Of Darkness 5/3/2007
67. Gone 5/7/2007
68. A Mothers Love 5/14/2007
69. My Angel 1/4/2008
70. Good Kind Heart 11/17/2007

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Good Kind Heart

Such little time we've known eachother
You have proven to be a good friend
You are a good listener
And a good adviser as well
I even think of you
As someone who can put a smile on my face
Your eyes tell me i can trust you
Your body language tells me
Your friendship is true
Your words comfort me
When I feel depress
Your hugs tell me you do care
You told me once that
I had a good, kind, heart
Well I'm not the only one
Within the time I've known you
I have notice
That you too have
A Good Kind Heart

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Lonely Puppet

My life is like a two foot puppet
Hanging on a wooden shelf
Waiting to be bought
To be taken to an awesome place

I can call a wonderful home
And beloved by someone dearly
To be in someone’s arms everyday
But, no, those are only my hopeless dreams

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