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Biography of Dawn Allen

My name is Shelby Dawn Allen, I formally go by Dawn in my household. I am the daughter of Pamela Renae Rice and Johnny Wayne Cochran. I have two younger sisters Summer Louise and Autumn Renae Wilks. They are my half sisters, whom have a different father than me. Summer is the youngest of my sisters, she is still in school as of now and loves to plat softball, hang with her friends and my other sister Autumn was born Cerebral Palsy. I have been helping my mother with since I was five years old and she is like my bestfriend bc I am the number one person that can make her smile. I graduated from Boaz High School in year 2011 in May with an occupational diploma I am currently employed and working taking my ACt so I can go Snead State Community College so I can get my business degree. I do love to write poems, they are a inspiration to me because I can write down things in my words and tell how I am feeling most of my poems roll around in genre of love.I love meeting new people I have written more than ten poems I am trying to write more poems right now. I have 17 listed poems in my notebook. So if you have any questions about my poetry or any information about how I can publish my poems in a book that would be greatful to me.

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What Is This Confession?

My love for you is so dear
I love you so much I don't know if,
I would want to let you go
You're the best thing that has happened to me.
I'm wandering what you're doing
My soul is asking for you,
Even though I miss you
Is it real or made up?
I still picture you kissing me like always

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