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Dawn Huffaker resides in southwestern New Mexico. Although she has been physically handicapped since eight months of age, it hasn’t stopped her from achieving her dreams.

Poetry has been her passion since junior high, where her English teachers first encouraged her to write. She wrote many poems, and had them published in local school publications.

Upon graduation from college, she founded a computer store in her community. Her poetry was put on the back burner because of her hectic schedule. Dawn ran this business for seventeen years.

In 2006, she retired from the computer store. Now, she can concentrate on her poetry once again. It is her hope to publish many volumes of her work.

Dawn Huffaker's Works:

Flights of Fancy Volume 1 (Amazon)

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P awing the earth with impatience, he
E yes the sky with joy and
G reat longing.
A s each moment of contact with the heavy ground
___passes, there is an overwhelming feeling of
S uch isolation and loneliness inside. Suddenly,
___he can wait no more. Wings
U nfurl from his sides and point towards home.
___Feathers ruffle in the speeding wind as his gait

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