Dawn Winters

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Biography of Dawn Winters

I am a young girl that enjoys the art of poetry. It is sort of my hidden talent. Life has not always been a breeze but that is what makes my poems unique. I have experience losing my father at a young age, losing a best friend, heart break, watching many people ruin their lives with drugs. I do not look at these as reasons to give up I feel these can help me with others problems. I am very good at helping people with their problems, but not very good with expressing my own and that is why I turn to poetry. My ambition in life is to become a clinical psychologist and help people through transitions in life. I plan to keep writing poetry and hopefully thorough my stories I can help people..

Dawn Winters's Works:

Not as of now, but possibly in my future, They may not be completely poems, but I may incorporate them in a book.

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Prolonging A Breakdown

You try to hide when feeling low
so the people around you will never know
you hold your sobs and your tears
you always have throughout the years
they call you tough and say your strong
but they can't see what you've hidden so long
seems as though everything happened at once
you may be strong but this packs a punch
a punch that knocks you off your ground

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