Dawn Winters

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Biography of Dawn Winters

I am a young girl that enjoys the art of poetry. It is sort of my hidden talent. Life has not always been a breeze but that is what makes my poems unique. I have experience losing my father at a young age, losing a best friend, heart break, watching many people ruin their lives with drugs. I do not look at these as reasons to give up I feel these can help me with others problems. I am very good at helping people with their problems, but not very good with expressing my own and that is why I turn to poetry. My ambition in life is to become a clinical psychologist and help people through transitions in life. I plan to keep writing poetry and hopefully thorough my stories I can help people..

Dawn Winters's Works:

Not as of now, but possibly in my future, They may not be completely poems, but I may incorporate them in a book.

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Omnia Vincit Amor

Love conquers all is the phrase I follow
It gives me hope of a better tomorrow
One filled with love and full of power
Every minute of every hour

This love from which I wish for now
Will find us all some way some how
So here's my motto to what we'll call
Love truly does conquer all

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