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1. Why 6/27/2009
2. No Longer An Addiction 6/27/2009
3. Do You Love Me? 7/4/2009
4. Pencil And A Paper 7/4/2009
5. Circles 7/4/2009
6. My Life 7/4/2009
7. My Friends And Family 7/4/2009
8. Lo Amo A Todos 7/4/2009
9. You 7/4/2009
10. The Day I Met You 7/4/2009
11. What You Are 7/4/2009
12. My Best Day 7/4/2009
13. Nothing 7/4/2009
14. The First Time 7/4/2009
15. Never 7/4/2009
16. Pain 7/5/2009
17. The Way I Feel 6/27/2009
18. Sometimes 8/11/2009
19. Letting You Go 8/11/2009
20. Hurtn By You 10/3/2009
21. How Cold I Feel 12/19/2009
22. Frienships And Love Is A Joke 10/3/2009
23. Darkness 8/8/2009
24. My Love For You Is Incopmlete 6/27/2009
25. I Asked You If.... 7/4/2009

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I Asked You If....

I asked you if I was pretty and you said; no
I asked you if I was fat and you said; yes, of course
I asked you if you wanted to be with me forever you said; no
I asked you if you will cry if I waked awayyou said; no
I had heard too much and need to leave
And as I walked away yu grabbed my hand and told me to stay
You said you're not pretty you're beautiful
The only thing fat or big about you is your heart
I don't want to be with you forever....I need you forever
And baby i wouldn't cry if you walked away I would DIE!

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The Way I Feel

When I look up at the sky,
It reminds me of the sad times,
Though we don't have a good relationship,
We will always be strong,
When I see laughter,
It reminds me of the jokes you used to make,
When I see the sun,
It reminds me of the angry times we had,
But in my heart they will always be happy times,

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