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41. Poetry 11/30/2011
42. I Can 1/10/2012
43. Smiles 1/12/2012
44. On The Morrow 1/27/2012
45. You 1/9/2012
46. ~~rating~~ 1/23/2012
47. Do You Dream Of Me 2/9/2012
48. Are You Here? 11/11/2011
49. A Walk In The Woods 10/3/2011
50. Depression 12/13/2011
Best Poem of (De Va)


You steal my soul and hide it in the deep
You take my heart away to turn me into a sheep
You come in the night and rape my mind
You peel my imagination like a rind

Depression consumes my soul and empties me of essence
Depression takes the fire of my passion leaving senescence
Depression sets me in a prison in the deep dark dank
Depression fills me with tears because of his prank

Monster deep in the darkness on a starless night
Monster flying e'er so low on a maiden flight
Monster claws upon my limpid body as I try to escape
Monster in my soul, to me it ...

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Through the mist I fly
Not looking towards the sky
Feeling my way with thought
In the night my courage sought
The moon has risen high
Gliding through the trees, I sigh
As I see the moonbeams light
I whisper “Oh, what a sight.”
Such beauty for my eyes

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