Deacon Tate

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Deacon Tate Quotes

  • ''war is the time mans demons can run free these demon destroy and kill
    peace is when are good nature comes we rebuild and help one another without these two things we would for get the words all together''
    i made this for i believe in this philosophy
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  • ''if you throw driftwood in the river it will come back to shour
    and become two pieces of driftwood
    if you walk away from your problems your problems will just come back another day but with more problems
    face them head on before the become more difficult in the future''
    its to problems ones wish to walk away from
  • ''war is to test mans faith in god
    and peace is mans reward for enduring''
    the philosophy for the religious

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I Wish I Could Fly

Oh me oh my i wish i could fly
like a bird high in the sky
you ask me why
its so my troubles may pass me by
that is why i wish i could fly
for on land their is only angry man that fight for lands they say is theirs
or go to wars for metals fuels and furs
were their is land their is wars
but if i may fly like a bird in the sky

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