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Erin Whocares 09 April 2008

wow i think ur poems are great once i get mine up u should take a look.

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wow! that is some deep stuff! i like it tho and i understand it well for i have been there in the state of suicide b4. keep going. And check mine out sometime! ! ! :)

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Maria Moll 09 January 2008

not bad, go check mine out some time

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Christina Johnson 27 December 2007

wow only someone who has been there can get so deep. I love the last few verses of the poem I've Been there, dont that and I aint going back.Razors are addicting, and the dripping of the blood.It's almost as if not as powerful as a drug.There is hope if you believe. take care

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Rumor Red 17 December 2007

you are an awsome writer..... and you love it tell me what this\ means if you can....and who its from ' There's beggary in the love that can be reckon'd.'

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"Fighting Mac"

A Life Tragedy

A pistol shot rings round and round the world;
In pitiful defeat a warrior lies.
A last defiance to dark Death is hurled,
A last wild challenge shocks the sunlit skies.
Alone he falls, with wide, wan, woeful eyes:
Eyes that could smile at death -- could not face shame.

Alone, alone he paced his narrow room,
In the bright sunshine of that Paris day;
Saw in his thought the awful hand of doom;
Saw in his dream his glory pass away;
Tried in his heart, his weary heart, to pray:
"O God! who made me, give me strength to face
The spectre of this bitter, black disgrace."

* * * * *

The burn brawls darkly down the shaggy glen;
The bee-kissed heather blooms around the door;
He sees himself a barefoot boy again,
Bending o'er page of legendary lore.
He hears the pibroch, grips the red claymore,
Runs with the Fiery Cross, a clansman true,
Sworn kinsman of Rob Roy and Roderick Dhu.

Eating his heart out with a wild desire,
One day, behind his counter trim and neat,
He hears a sound that sets his brain afire --


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