Deadly Sacrifice

Rookie (September 6,1996. / Neverland)

Biography of Deadly Sacrifice

Hello. My name is Sara. I am thirteen years of age and would appreciate it if you could please not be so harsh on my poems. I love to write to express my emotions not so people can just say I need to check my spelling. I mostly write about dark things but it is because they are true. For example: rape, suicide, and murder. You know, it's just my style and how I feel.

At times I do not mind if you ask me to read your poems but I would apretiate it if you did not do it every second of every minute of every hour of every day! I mean I know you dont know if other people have already done it to me, but I have had people message me repeatedly so just stop it! If you read and comment on my poems I will try to read and comment one or two of yours. Updates

Cut For Relief

On your wrists.
On your legs.
On your fingers.
On your neck.

Annywhere you can find
Just as long as they don't see.
If they did,
it would be the end for you.

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