Dean Bottomley

Rookie [The Owslebury] (30-08-1995)

Biography of Dean Bottomley

I have been scribbling silly verses since I was 10. A lot were written to help with bad feeling, like when my Dad died when I was 10.5yo, and when I had other serious problems in my life. I think being able to scribble silly verses got bad feelings out of my head and helped to keep me going mental. Now I am TRYING to learn to improve a bit.

I am going to remove my poems and leave the site as it is not giving me what I had hoped for. I can see that there are so many poems posted every day that it is impossible for mine to be seen and critiqued as I had hoped. That is the way I thought I would learn but can see now that it is not likely to happen due to the number of other far more excellent poems posted every day.

Dean Bottomley's Works:

None, have a lot to learn before anything like getting published Updates

Why Why Why

Why Why Why does no-one hear my screams
As I am cut by what you do and say?
But you don't know the pain and fear you cause
I want to speak, but how do I find the way?

I'm not mature and wise with memories in store.
I am still young and yet to live my life.
What does the future hold but fear and hate
Better to end than live a life in strife.

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