Dean Bottomley

Rookie [The Owslebury] (30-08-1995)

Dean Bottomley Poems

1. Fowl Weather 2/23/2014
2. A Wonder 2/23/2014
3. Bourne On A Summer Breeze 2/23/2014
4. Pillow Of Memories 2/23/2014
5. A Sonnet To D 2/23/2014
6. The Way 2/23/2014
7. Distrubance 2/23/2014
8. Get A Bike 2/23/2014
9. A Place 2/24/2014
10. Ash Dieback Disease 2/24/2014
11. At An Hiv Clinic 2/24/2014
12. Autumn 2/24/2014
13. At A Baptism 2/24/2014
14. The Begger 2/24/2014
15. Rain 3/2/2014
16. Why Does It Toll 3/27/2014
17. Promises Promises 4/3/2014
18. Us 4/3/2014
19. A Perfect Body 4/6/2014
20. Breakfast 4/7/2014
21. May Day 5/3/2014
22. Stephen 5/14/2014
23. At The Brink Of Tomorrow 2/24/2014
24. A Word To D (Tribute To 2/24/2014
25. Alone In Hell 2/24/2014
26. Anger 2/24/2014
27. The Day You Died 2/23/2014
28. A Poem For Candlemas 2/24/2014
29. A Lullaby To My Godson 2/24/2014
30. Ant 2/24/2014
31. Why Why Why 2/23/2014
32. The Old Man In The Corner 2/23/2014
33. A Birth 2/24/2014
34. A Blackbird 2/24/2014
35. Primrose Promise 2/23/2014
36. A Sonnet To Bread And Butter Pudding 2/24/2014

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Best Poem of Dean Bottomley

Primrose Promise

I saw a Primrose today, I doubt it saw me
As it peeped, coyly from amongst the long grass.
How can such hope and promise be held
In such a small shy flower?

It holds the yellow of the sun in its pale face
A promise of the warmth of spring and summer.
The cold is past, and nature now wakes
All her sleeping children.

I has the green of new life in its silky leaves;
Waking, stretching, reaching skyward towards the sun.
New life is here, good times will follow.
It lifts the down cast soul

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The Station cat opens one eye with a frown,
Disturbed as the Starter and Distant drop down.
The gas lamps still hiss, and a distant dog barks
The town Is a resting, wrapped up in the dark.

The Newspaper train rushes in with a roar,
And many a bundle flies out of a door.
There's bustle and noise as the papers they drop,
Then on down the line to the next lonely stop.

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