Dean Meredith

Biography of Dean Meredith

Above all, I am a romantic. Above all, love conquers hate. In essence, I write about human nature.

My poetry has been compared to that of Shel Silverstein and Charles Bukowski.

I don't care for self-written bio's in the third person, and I find political correctness to be utterly offensive.

A very cute, smart girl once said, " never bore me" , and that was good advice.

If you like to be entertained, then please read my words. If you feel nothing after reading them, then you're probably already dead.

Dean Meredith's Works:

Stray Cat Café
The Black Book Updates

Hank & Me

It had been
A very serious summer
His eggs well fried
Pots, unwashed & congregating

3 jubes of happiness
Tormented and beguiled
As they should
As they were predestined

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